September Sundries

From a gentleman's wardrobe

Lately, I'm all about organisation (Exhibit A: increased activity on Pinterest). This is probably a good thing considering the massive amount of research I'll be delving into during my doctorate studies. But what do you do with those odd little thoughts; triggered by a sight, a
smell, notes of music in the wind? That's where my "Sundries" series is going to come in. Each month I'll share a little list of random thoughts. They may be weird or thought-provoking, emotional or silly. Rather than waiting until the end of October, I thought I'd put up September's Sundries a bit late. Enjoy!

1. My new flat feels more like home than anywhere I've lived for the past 3 years.

2. My roommate [henceforth known as Petal] is the best. My friends are amazing. The encouragement I get from my family is invaluable. Full stop.

3. I bought a reusable water bottle with little cartoon hedgehogs on it. It makes me inordinately happy. 

4. I suck at putting IKEA furniture together. (Thank goodness for sundry #2.)

5. Country houses fascinate me (duh). I aim to prove their value beyond tourism, but in all honesty as I conduct my research I'm also trying to solidify this concept for myself, which is a little scary.

6. One of my mentors recently said that if MA Aimee of 3 years ago could see PhD Aimee, she'd be proud of how far she'd come. Yippee!

7. Now that I'm more settled again I seriously need to get a grip on my self-care. This includes each of my four rooms

8. I'm not sure anything will ever compare to the experience of stepping out my door, looking up to see the Minster shrouded in morning fog, and breathing in York's chocolate air.

9. One of my favourite sayings is, "The only thing you can't edit is nothing." I'm setting a goal to write more often - personal letters, blog posts, research findings, journalling... (If you also want to write more, may I suggest Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird or Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way to inspire you?)

10. My grandmother has been dealing with progressively worsening health issues. When I left for England and said good-bye to her, I realised yet again how special she is to me and what a huge hole it will leave when she's no longer with us. If you have a spare moment, would you mind putting some good energy into the universe for her? It would mean a lot to me. I do love her so. 

So, what's going on with you?


  1. What a wonderful way to begin my Friday autumnal Maine morning, surrounded by crisp cool air, wrapped in a flannel nightgown and fuzzy robe, sipping English breakfast tea with a spot of milk. Sending you all my love - Lynne

    1. Thank you Lynne. Your Maine morning sounds heavenly too… nothing like a New England fall!