Rock, Paper, Scissors . . .

… BUILDINGS, PLANNERS, YARN. How do you decide the subject of a blog? Should you write about your work, your lifestyle, your hobbies? I've been plagued by this question for weeks, ever since I decided to revitalise Museum of the Muse. When I first started writing, this
blog functioned as a window into my life in the UK. My intended audience was a close group friends and family back home across the pond. However, academia and a whirlwind of new life experiences took over and my posts petered out quite quickly. Four months later to be exact.

I'm once again on the brink of a great overseas adventure, this time in pursuit of a PhD. My personal and professional network is larger and my goals for this blog have expanded as well. I've sacrificed much to pursue success in a career field that is personally fulfilling to me. Working on a doctorate will be intellectually intensive and I expect my thoughts will be consumed with musings on country houses, architectural history, and interesting research findings. As a mature student, the many challenges of academia will no doubt fill my mind as well. But I also try to live a balanced life - one where every aspect of what I do is a reflection of who I am. Sharing the products of creative pursuits like knitting is integral to a healthy lifestyle for me. The common thread though these disparate subjects is my passion for seeing from a unique perspective and sharing my thoughts in a genuine (though often snarky) way. No matter what the subject, I aim to be true to this vision.

So for now I guess this blog will have a little bit of everything. As my life in England evolves and gains focus, my posts will as well. I have a feeling this PhD will not only yield academic research, but also a greater understanding of myself.

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