Voices Like Snow

Winter is descending in Yorkshire. The air bites and leaves play tag on the bare, December pavement. As the countryside settles grass dies back blanketing the cold earth, and squirrels pull lichen from twigs, lining their fat paunches with winter nourishment. Of a morning frost-

Coaxing Winter

Coaxing Winter

Bark-gloved fingers
praise a grey sky.
Cinnamon leaves shiver:
an autumnal symphony.

A Gift of Luck

Packing necessitates sorting through all of the possessions that symbolize a person's life. It feels lately as though I've spent every waking moment doing just that. I don't have a lot to go through, really. The year before settling in this tiny apartment I moved from my own four-

The $2250 Sweater

This little sweater is worth $2250.00. No really, it is! You see, in an effort to finance the acquisitions of Museum of the Muse (aka experiences at University) I've applied for every scholarship an adult, foreign, archaeology student is eligible for (oh yeah, there are heaps of